You X "Blocks"

You X "Blocks"

We provide a customizable project experience for all of our clients.

We engage on a team basis, meaning that we dedicate teams to a project as opposed to charging by the resource. We then allow our clients to purchase “Blocks” of 25 hours that are  allocated to particular work efforts, the types of blocks we work with are Foundational Blocks, Design Blocks or Development Blocks. We work with our clients to determine how many blocks would be required to achieve a project goal.

Kick Things Off With Our Foundational Blocks

Regardless of the type of project we’re collaborating on, we kick off every project with

1-2 Foundational Blocks. These blocks consist of 3 team workshops, the Executive Workshop, Experience Workshop and Requirements Workshop. Together, these Foundational Blocks help align all key stakeholders on a shared vision of what a successful project looks like in the context of the overall business & product goals. This process also ensures that we’re solidifying a deeper understanding of the user experience and product requirements needed to achieve our goals together with our client.

What’s Included?

• Share any and all of the documentation you feel is helpful to us - We’ll digest it. Yes, all of it.

• An Executive Workshop to map the product & business OKR’s.

• An Experience Workshop to walkthrough a key persona and user journey together to identify problems and opportunities that will inform the experience design.

• A Requirements Workshop to align on features & functionality.

• Access to the outcomes of our 3 workshops, along with a recommendation on how to best utilize upcoming blocks.

Design and Development Blocks

Our clients can book as many Design or Development Blocks as they need to achieve their goals. Design Blocks can include whatever your project requires most, such as: UX Research, UX, UI, Branding…the list goes on. Development Blocks include Front & Backend Developers as part of the dedicated team and must be solidified 1 month in advance.

How Does A Block System Benefit My Business?

We understand that not all projects are straightforward or linear, and sometimes strategic business decisions are made that require product adjustments. We get it - and we want you the breathe easy. Ultimately, the block system is designed to be flexible for YOU. Because we engage through blocks of time, we can re-focus your Design or Development blocks, or take a pause if you need a chance to regroup. We’re all about helping you mitigate risk within your project and move the needle forward. Let us know how your project is evolving - we will work with you to make recommendations for a smooth path forward with your current project. Your success is important to us.

Jason Goodman
Jason Goodman