Unicorn Dojo

Unicorn Dojo Operates Peer-to Peer Learning Spaces within Culturally Mindful Organizations.
Dojo’s Help Comanies:

  • Optimize on-demand knowledge & skill sharing.
  • Personalize professional development plans.
  • Support personal growth & mental health

The Opportunity

Unicorn Dojo was designed to solve the following core problems related to the future of work. Training remains one of the few aspects of work that isn’t personalized & operationalized. Organizations aren’t maximizing the way skills & knowledge are shared. Organizations aren’t Proactively Addressing the Explosion of Anxiety & Depression

The Unicorn Dojo provides AI Driven, Peer to Peer Co-Learning Spaces within organizations. Every team member is both a SEITO and a SENSEI depending on the topic & content. Unicorn Dojo optimizes matches between on-site employees who are actively looking to gain skills and knowledge. In January of 2019, We had a chance to pilot a Unicorn Dojo Experience at JLL's Woman in Tech Event at The Scotiabank Digital Factory with over 160 attendees.

Our Approach

We worked closely with JLL's Woman in Tech Event team to ensure that we'd be able to facilitate the logistics around a peer to peer session at such a large scale. We were fortunate to have incredible trust and support from the entire JLL team and a one of kind space at the Scotiabank Digital Factor where we could divide the event attendees into four different zones for peer to peer learning.

Once we'd established our process, we do a dry run with JLL's own team at their offices. This experiential pre-event trial was invaluable in helping us ensure the best possible experience had been considered for all of the event attendees.

Project Status

Unicorn Dojo's app is currently in development and will be ready to pilot with one of our organizational partners in the fall of 2019. Following the pilot, we will commence our seed round funding of 1.5 million.