Super Food Chain

Every year, the western world is introduced to new ‘superfoods’ that boast extraordinary nutritional benefits. The Superfood Chain explores the story behind the rise of superfoods like quinoa, teff, coconuts, and wild salmon, revealing the ripple effect the superfood industry has on the lives of farm families in Bolivia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and Haida Gwaii. The documentary examines serious issues related to the globalization of superfoods, including unintended effects on food security, health, sustainable farming, and fair trade food practices.

The Opportunity

Fathom Films had secured funding through the Canada Media Fund, Telus and TVO to create an interactive extension to their upcoming documentary surrounding superfood and the impact it has on the communities producing the foods. Instead of creating a more traditional marketing site for the film, Fathom Films wanted to do something unique and innovative to add value to the overall experience of the film.

Given Fathom Films growing acclaim as a cutting edge documentary film company through the success of films like My Enemy, My Brother, the company saw an opportunity to establish a stronger digital capability and was looking to engage with a firm that could help them develop a stronger approach to digital extensions around their compelling and provocative stories.

The Superfood Chain was shot in Bolivia, the Philippines, Ethiopia and northern British Columbia.

Our Approach

You X Ventures brought a more product minded approach to the opportunity and hand, attempting to develop software that could be applied to future film projects beyond The Superfood Chain. We brainstormed several concepts, and finally netted out on a concept we called “Slice Films”. The concept was to create a platform that would slice the film into dynamic components where we could allow viewers to engage with the film in key moments to get additional,

complimentary content that would enrich their experience of the film. Following our ideation phase, we tested our concepts through focus groups and refined the idea thereafter based on the feedback we received. The result was the creation of a beautiful, complimentary experience for online viewers of the film so that they could access recipes, contextual facts and commentary using hot-spots along the viewing journey.

Project Status

The Superfood Chain is currently being screened at various film festivals (One Earth, Planet in Focus, etc) and the online extension has led to deeper engagement with the film’s content and set a new standard for how the company executes its digital productions. During our time with Fathom Films, we were able to extend our impact into new series concepts as well as supporting efforts to grow the VR side of their business.