Lightbeam App is the first to market social collaboration app that leverages Androids Media Project API’s and Apple’s ReplayKit SDK to create unprecedented real-time mobile collaboration.

The Opportunity

Both Apple & Android rather quietly introduced a new feature that allows people to share their screen on their mobile device - opening the door to a whole new era of shared social chat experiences. Unicorn Ranch saw a huge opportunity to proactively develop a product that would not only optimize the more social user experience surrounding

this uncharted UX territory, but also explore the way their app could integrate with an endless array of business partners through a more social web experience. You X Ventures was engaged to solution the UX around these new features and design a world class experience for this new type of social messaging product.

Our Approach

In the early stages of the project, we worked hard to catch up to the LightBeam team’s intimate knowledge of the new technologies they were building on - getting a strong sense of both the experiential and technical limitations. For this particular project, given the urgency to get to market, we took a sprint based approach with a high degree of collaboration between our team here in Toronto and their team in Silicon Valley.

Project Status

LightBeam achieved their goal of reaching the marketplace first and is actively engaged with some of the biggest players in the market across e-commerce, social networks and media/content.