Goods & Commerce

Goods & Commerce boasts over 400 shopper marketing specialists from around the world to offer open source retail guidelines, project management, and scalable SaaS solutions for brands, retailers, and agencies alike.

The Opportunity

With the proliferation of platforms flooding the market to find, hire and collaborate with remote talent, Founder Kris Matheson saw an opportunity to create an ecosystem tailored specifically for the retail market which is more nuanced, regulated and primed for innovation. You X Ventures was engaged to help solution, architect and design the Alpha version of the platform.

Our Approach

As with many of our clients, being first to market with a usable Alpha was a high priority and so we collectively outlined a roadmap for a three month design process that included intensive personas creation and journey mapping to help empathize with the multitude of stakeholders on both the enterprise, consumer and admin side of the platform. Once aligned we were able to wireframing and align on UI design with clarity and confidence.

Project Status

Towards the end of our design process, Kris was able to share our work in progress with a Retail Innovation Agency called CloudRaker who subsequently acquired Goods & Commerce along with the services of Kris Matheson to lead their Shopper Marketing effort.

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